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Cat Salon

We love to help your cat look and feel clean and healthy and are happy to offer daily cat grooming services. We offer cat bathing, brush-outs, haircuts including lion-cuts.

If you would like to have your cat groomed, and we have never met before, you need first to have a consultation with Dr. Stocking or Dr. Anderson to assess your cat's health and needs. If your cat is a good candidate for grooming we will be able to proceed that day!


Some cats are very sensitive to the sound of the clippers or being handled for bathing but we can work with them too... and will be happy to discuss the safe options available.

We can also help with your cat's nail care! 


Trimming the nails is complimentary with every appointment and we can teach you how to do this at home  or how to apply your cat's nail caps

(Softpaws or PurdyPaws) for you.  Nail caps typically last 4-12 weeks depending your cat's scratching and activity habits.  For more information see You can also purchase and bring your own Softpaws and we will apply them for you.

Cat Grooming

"Charlie" and his Softpaw nail caps! 

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