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Safe, compassionate, modern, reliable veterinary services for cats and people that love cats!

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We are crazy about cats and are a GOLD certified 
American Association of
Feline Practitioners' 
Cat Friendly Practice

YES, we are taking NEW clients and NEW patients!
Cat Boarding (for our patients only) is a perk!
Your cat will enjoy staying in our comfortable, safe Cat Hotel while you enjoy your vacation.
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Important Notice for New Clients:

(please read to the end)


We are proud here at Red Barn Cat Clinic to be taking on new clients when so many veterinary clinics are not. We want to grow our clinic and help as many cats and cat families as we can. Our services, doctors and staff are specialized in caring for cats.We book longer appointment times to give each of our patients enough time to acclimate and have a good experience.Unfortunately, we have had an increasing number of new client appointments being booked but then they don’t show up. We understand that things happen and sometimes these things can’t be helped. But, when there is no time to schedule another cat’s appointment in that place, we are not helping anyone and we have likely turned down clients we could’ve put in that spot.As a very small clinic with a small staff, we cannot afford to have these unexpected gaps in the schedule when each of our doctors only see a few cats a day due to our longer appointment times.We have decided that the only way to deal with this frustrating issue is to take a deposit for the exam-fee at the time the appointment is scheduled. When the cat is brought in for the scheduled appointment, then the credit is applied to your invoice for the visit. If you cancel or reschedule within 24 hours, that deposit is refunded or carried over. If you can’t contact us to cancel within 24 hours, the exam-fee deposit will help cover lost appointment time.This will be instituted as of November 1, 2023. This is currently only going to be for our NEW CLIENTS, not established clients. If an established client is a habitual offender for missing appointments then the same rule may be applied.

Beside regular check-ups and vaccination appointments we offer ultrasound,
x-ray,  internal medicine, dentistry, soft tissue surgery  including spay and neuter surgeries as well as 

for all cats!



By appointment only
Monday - Friday
(closed weekends and most holidays) 
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