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Cat Boarding

In the quiet country setting of Richland, Michigan Red Barn Cat Clinic is proud to offer feline exclusive luxury boarding for our patients only.


Dr.s Stocking and Anderson and staff provide attentive, loving care for your cat.

Red Barn Cat Clinic 
Cat Hotel
Are you looking for a special place for your cat to stay and be pampered next time you leave town?

Come and visit our fun and comfortable Cat Hotel to see what amenities your kitty will enjoy!   


We have individual condominium rooms that will be your cat's home-base as well as a cat playground where your kitty will get to roam, play, exercise and watch cat TV! There are lots of great toys and climbing and play apparatus and a a "Fast-Cat" exercise wheel.  

Open (screened) windows allow for viewing the countryside, watching wildlife and breathing fresh country air. There is the option of other cats and kittens to play with, or of being in a more private setting if your cat is less extroverted.

Special services

If your cat has special dietary needs or requires medical treatments such as oral medications, insulin injections or subcutaneous fluids rest assured that these services will be performed on your schedule and at no extra charge as long as you provide the supplies we need to do them.​

We like to keep as much familiarity as possible so please bring your cat's favorite foods, bed, and a toy or two so that we can keep them feeling loved and remembering your smell.

All cats that stay with us need to be our patients, so an exam with one of our veterinarians and being current on vaccinations, flea preventive and deworming as well as having been tested for Feline Leukemia is required.  You will feel good knowing your cat is safe and in the company of only other healthy cats that have been examined by our doctors. Your kitty will get a complimentary nail trim if you request it, each time he or she stays with us, and daily maid and room service.

Professional, insured carers make sure your cat has a vacation as great as yours!


"Mia was in the best care.  The facilities are stunning for a cat to enjoy. She may not want to come back home!"

Tena Stella

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