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We have feline exclusive veterinarians for your cat

At Red Barn Cat Clinic your cat will have the doctors' undivided attention and the benefit of the highest quality equipment including ultrasound, digital x-ray and dental x-ray, custom feline medical and dental equipment.  Our Red Barn Cat Clinic is a unique facility without the noise of barking dogs or other stressful stimuli found in most small animal clinics. Our serene country setting contributes to the peaceful and natural environment that helps cats feel happy and heal quickly.

Dr. L. Ruey Stocking

Dr. L. Ruey Stocking loves cats! She is the owner and original practitioner at our feline exclusive cat hospital where she looks forward to serving the needs of cat appreciators everywhere and especially those of the Kalamazoo / Battle Creek community. Her special interests are feline surgery and dentistry.

Dr. Stocking lives on the premises with her husband allowing her to provide 24-hour on-site care to patients. Because of this, we respectfully request clients adhere to our "by appointment only" policy.


Dr. Stocking obtained her DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) from Ross University in St. Kitts, in the British West Indies and completed her senior veterinary clinical year in 1997 at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  She also has a B.Sc. in Animal Science from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland.


As well as building and working at her first feline practice in Canada, Cat Hospital of Saskatoon, Dr. Stocking has been a small animal veterinarian in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean. 

She was an assistant professor at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine from 2008-2011 and loved the experience of working with and coaching veterinary students in emergency medicine, surgery and clinical skills.

Dr. Stocking feels strongly that it is wrong to surgically declaw cats and as a result we are a Paw Friendly Clinic. She one of the Michigan Co-directors of the Paw Project and promotes cats keeping their paws and claws intact and offers humane alternatives to surgical declawing. No cat has ever been declawed in one of her clinics.


When you visit us you will most likely meet Dr. Stocking's chickens including "Mapes", our clinic hen.  The rooster "Soy Sauce" and his wives: "Charlotte", "Stella" and "Patty" stay outside. You may be lucky and get a glimpse of Dr. Stocking's beloved Friesian Sport Horse mare, "Lydia Pinkham",  in the pasture or in her stall in the clinic. Close by will be Lydia's donkey companions, "Yazoo" and "Sofia" In her spare time Dr. Stocking loves riding with the hounds at the Battle Creek Hunt and trail riding with friends, baking sourdough bread and helping cats in need.


As a result, Dr. Stocking has seventeen cats, if you count the 2 resident clinic cats. The most notable of her cats is "Mr. Cayenne Pepper" who is a fluffy orange long-haired cat-actor that has been in the Disney film "Christmas Again", the Netflix series, "Fargo". He has also done several commercials and is often away at a shoot or in his spare time can be seen loitering in front of the clinic.

Dr. Cherie L. Anderson


Dr. Stocking and "Morty" Holzmer

Dr. Stocking in surgery

“"Everyone was friendly, kind and accommodating here. The clinic is beautiful. It is clear that Dr. Stocking wants all her feline patients to be as comfortable and as healthy as possible."

Lea Martin, owner of "Ellie", "Jinx" and "Rigby".

Dr. Cherie Anderson’s love of cats goes way back. “I have never not had a cat. Since the day I was born and grew up with my family cat, to present day living with 4 cats.” “I have always felt an affinity for felines and I believe that my lifetime of living with cats has given me a better understanding and appreciation for them.” Dr. Anderson has done continuing education specifically for feline medicine over the past 15 years, as this has truly been her area of primary interest. Dr. Anderson loves the complexity of cats and specializes in internal medicine and ultrasound. She loves managing diabetic cats as well as geriatric cats with multiple ongoing disease processes. She enjoys meeting clients and educating them on their cat’s particular health status so that they can work as a team to obtain the best quality of life for that pet. 


Dr. Anderson graduated with honors from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan State University in 2007. During her clinical rotations in school, Dr. Anderson won both the outstanding student in cardiology award as well as the outstanding student in feline studies award.  For one of her traveling rotations, Dr. Anderson went to San Antonio, TX to study for 3 weeks for renowned feline specialist, Gary Norsworthy DVM, DABVP (Feline).


Dr. Anderson has been working in veterinary medicine for 22 years. She started as a receptionist at a large, small animal clinic in Grand Rapids. After a year, she trained to be an exam room assistant and then over time became the personal exam room assistant for the owner of the practice. After 6 years, Dr. Anderson knew she wanted to return to college and pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. She continued to work at this practice while attending school. This same practice offered her a job as a veterinarian when she graduated. She practiced at this clinic for many years. However, she wanted to buy property and have a small farm with her horses and in pursuit of that dream, moved to Hickory Corners, MI. She worked for a year in Allegan and then found her dream job working with Dr. Stocking at the beautiful Red Barn Cat Clinic.

Dr. Anderson shares her farm home with her best friend, Dawn, and 14 pets.  She has four French Bulldogs, a Pit Bull, 1 Shih Tzu and an Australian Shepherd. She also has 1 domestic long haired cat named Leo and he is 16 years old. Dr. Anderson obtained him when she graduated veterinary school. She also has a Siamese, Fiyero and a Tonkinese, Fitzy, that are both 9. She has a beloved Arabian/Paint gelding, Tango and his pasture mate and Jazzy, a Quarter-horse/Appaloosa mare. The horses share their barn with Cashie, a fat and lazy tuxedo cat. She loves riding her horses, gardening and working outside in her time away from the office.

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